Friday, June 27, 2008

Tom Farrell June 26th up-date

Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 20:18:42 +0000
The results of my M R I can back to day I have a servere Herniated Disc , The pain on a scale of one ( good ) to ten ( worse), I am a ten plus. More pain then I think anyone can handle ,Can not do much or walk far or stand very long. Also having problems sleeping. The doctor put me on sterioda and stronger pain pill , Have to be very careful as it may effect blood thinners and have strong side effects , Next option is a operation This has not ben a very good start to new year or sunmmer , I have been a very active person , now at a complete stand still and in reverse and bored , Nancy is next for operation , it has been changed to august
Keep us in your prayers
Tom /Nancy

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tom Farrell Jun 22nd up-date from Nancy.

Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 11:59:23 +0000
My STUBBORN IRESHMEN is home from his unexpected 6 day vacation in Mainland Hospital, The doctors found a blood clot on his lung They think is was formed in his leg from his prostate operation and traveled to his lung He is on blood thinners , can not eat any leafley greens vegetables, our any thing with vitamin K in it NO ALCOHOL Yes no BEER, This will last until clot disloves, He has lost 16,5 pounds since may 16. ( prostate operation) He is still wating for pathology report , should be soon. Next thing is to get MRI on his lower back /legs, having muscle spasm . This once very ACTIVE PERSON is at a complete stand still and is very bored, My operation for bladder lift is July 16, .
Thanks for the phone calls/ E-mails ETC
Keep us in your PRAYERS, If in the area stop for a visit

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tom Farrell Surgery-latest update

Good Morning
My operation is a month old. , Felling better everday , Still have certain llimits, need tio be careful as to how much i can lift Still no Sky Diving/ Bungie Jumping, Waiting for pathology report, Should hear next week.No news is good news, The main problem i have now is horrible pain in my left side , Hip. Thigh/ Knee. Calf/ Ankle Can not walk very far or stand long periods of time, When to orthopedic doctor ( rothman), he gave me pain pills and injection. the shot did some good. The level of pain was a 10 before injection , now it is a 7, Going to have MRI next week. The doctor thinks that during operation my body was turned the wrong way or in bad position for 5hrs and might have nerve damage, Nancy has to go for operation on thurs June 19.2008, She is having a Bladder Lift,, She will be out of commission for 5/6 weeks . Will be on strict limits, Was told this had to be done now or will get worse , When it rains it pours. So much for GOLDEN YEARS Was better off when we drank /smoked, Not sure when I will return, Getting plenty of rest. but bored out of my mind, I miss everyone , but do not miss getting up at 2am. Keep the Prayers coming
Give our Love to everyone