Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mooney Family Photo Album Up-Date

Eileen gave me some pictures on my visit in November. I added them to the Mooney Family Photo album They are in a folder called Eileen. Just scroll to the bottom of the main page and click on the Eileen folder.
There are some pictures with unk which means I can't identify the person in the picture. If anybody knows who they are, just e-mail me at and I will make the corrections. Also, if you know dates or events related to the pictures, send those as well, including miss identified people and spelling mistakes.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Samantha Up-date

It turns out the fever was the result of a cold so she had a short stay at CHOP.
She's home again doing well.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Samantha back in CHOP with fever

Samantha was admitted back into CHOP this morning 11/4/07 with a fever. Sharon feels this is a result of her weakened immune system. She has been doing very well up to this point and hopefully this is just a small bump in the difficult road to recovery.
Please keep her in your prayers, I will up-date as I learn more.

Cousin jack

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Samantha was discharged last night from CHOP

Samantha was discharged last night from CHOP. She will be going to the clinic with her Grandpa Seip two times a week and getting her meds at home. Samantha is at her dad's this week with her brother and will be back home to my house next Sunday. She is doing well and is eating well!!!! We are glad she did not have to be in the hospital for any longer period of time because now she can sleep in her bed and be a little more comfortable without nurses stopping in constantly. If you need to reach me, I can be reached at 267-918-8895-cell.We have a long road ahead of us but we take day by day and following her regimen of meds is what we have to do until she is cured of this illness. She will probably be back in school in a few weeks but for now she will be at Brandon's or my house!!! until next time-April:)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Samantha Tomascik's Up-date

October 05, 2007 at 08:50 AM EDT
Good Morning!!!Samantha may be released from CHOP today depending on her calcium levels but we won't know more until later this afternoon. The good news if I didn't tell you in the last update is the bone marrow aspiration results came back with GREAT results. The vast majority of leukemia cells are gone so that is GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! She will be going to outpatient treatment here three days a week with her grandfather, and then resume her meds at home. She is in good spirits and is eating very good these days. We are very happy with the results considering this has been a tremendous chaotic two weeks. She will be at her dad's the first week coming home and then will come home with me. We are planning to steam clean our rugs and organize the house a little better for her arrival back home. until next time, Love April:)))))

Monday, October 1, 2007

Samantha Tomascik's online CarePage

Dear Friend or Family Member,

You've been invited to visit Samantha Tomascik's online CarePage. A personalized Web page, called a CarePage, has been created for Samantha, so you can easily receive the latest news, view photos and share messages of support.

To visit the CarePage, please click the link below:

(If you cannot click through this link, please copy and paste the entire URL into your browser's address window.)...

or you can use these manual instructions:

1. Go to

2. Click "Visit a CarePage"

3. Register (first-time users only)

4. After you've registered, enter the exact CarePage Name below:


Please forward this e-mail to anyone who would be a meaningful part of Samantha's support group.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bad News regarding Sharon Page's granddaughter

Hi Everyone,

I just learned that my granddaughter , Samantha, was just diagnosed with Leukemia (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) known as ALL. 80% of childhood leukemias are this All . All treatments will go over a two year period and I hope she can beat it. Please pray for her as the next several months will be very tough but she is a fighter and they have come so far in treating childhood leukemia. I will try to keep everyone posted on her progress. The Blog is a great idea to keep everyone informed . Love, Cousin Sharon Page

Sa mantha Tomascik, age 5
Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia
3 Central room 3423
34th Street & Civic Center Blvd.
Phila, Pa. 19104

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pop Mooney Anniversary

Dear Family:

Just wanted to get the word out that Pop Mooney will be celebrating a Golden Anniversary next June 20th - his parting from this world to his Heavenly reward. I have reserved a Memorial Mass for himself to be offered @ 5:15 pm on that date (a Friday) at Our Lady Star of the Sea, the parish he helped build.

I think it would be a wonderful tribute to his life and legacy for as many of his decendents as are able to attend. Speaking of Golden Anniversaries, Pat and Chris Hatch celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary Saturday, Sept. 8. If you would like to send them congratulations, their address is: 14554 Spyglass St., Orlando, Fl 32826.

Finally, thank you to Jackie and Paul for making this blog available. I hope to be an active participant once Stephanie and I are settled after the sale of our house, 9/21. Our temp. address will be 443 S. Spruce St., Galloway, NJ 08205. My cell: 609-602-7182. By the way, if you attended our wedding, it was 10 years ago, 8/23/07.

My, how fleeting is our time on this earth! However, the Good News reminds us, that our focus should always be on our permanent home - Time Eternal - where Patrick, Nellie and all our beloved departed are waiting to celebrate with us a family reunion that will never end.

God Bless all!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

1994 Ireland Trip

I just added a folder to the Mooney Family Album called Ireland-1994.
It contains about 193 pictures from a two week trip some family members took to Ireland in June of 1994. To get to the pictures, you need to scroll to the bottom of the Mooney Family album and you will see the folder. Just click the folder and the pictures will appear.
Paul Farrell organized this trip and the whole crew was, Paul Farrell, Tommy and Nancy Farrell, Nancy’s mom Elva Alexander, Eddie (Rock) and Donna Mooney, Barbara Mooney, TP Murray, John Murray, Mike Mooney, Sharon Sutton, Jack Sutton, Mary Clark, Courtney Clark, and Mary’s friend Robbie (sorry I don’t know her last name). We all left from Philadelphia Airport on June 1st 1994.
We landed in Shannon on June 2nd 1994 and rented a Volkswagen bus and a sedan for our transportation. We generally made a counter clockwise trip around Ireland visiting well know cities and locations such as Limerick, Tralee, Dingle, Ring of Kerry, Cork, Killarney, Waterford, Kilkenny, Tipperary and Dublin. From Dublin, several of us, TP, John, myself and perhaps Coutrney made a day trip to Northern Ireland and Belfast.
From Dublin we cut cross country to Donegal, then down to Galway with a day boat trip to the Aran Island of Inishmore. We finished down the west coast past the Cliffs of Moher and back to Shannon for our return flight to Philadelphia on June16, 1994.
Paul did an excellent planning job on this as our whole itinerary was mapped out in detail and all B&B’s were booked in advance. Well done lad.
The pictures are in some sort of order following our trip plan, some however are guesses to exact location. I hope everybody can see and enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hello from Cambridge Maryland

Hi All,

Great idea for this blog. I am in the end part of getting my Irish passport. It has taken a long time, but hopefully I should have it soon. The good news is that in using a service for this, they have come up with GrandPa Mooneys birth cert. So if anyone wants a copy let me know. When I get it I will forward on.
I have my own hair salon here, and Mary[know to you as Mary Ellen] runs the place. We are expanding fro 750 sf to 2400 sf, which will take place in the winter.
My son Justin is 24 now and has a son Shane 3. Any of you who have grandkids know how wonderful that is.
Glad to catchup with all my family.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mom, (Aunt Anne) & Hi Tech

First of all thanks to all of you for the calls, visits, cards and prayers. Mom is blessed to have such love and support from this wonderful family.

I just had to laugh at this scenario. Mom called me before surgery from the hospital on a ''Bluetooth" (Terry's wife Wanda was with her) and then she is the subject of the first two BLOGS in this new family adventure - It is really great she is 93 and part of what is happening today tech wise - she is not aware of what this means but enjoys the benefits and is thrilled to have all of us in touch. Frank & I visited with Mom on Sunday. She was tired but it is expected between therapy and meds. I do speak with her daily and will continue to send updates to all of you.

Thanks for all of the wonderful photos. A real treasure for me was to see Aunt Isabelle's twin, Tommy. He has always be remembered as part of the family but I never saw a photo of him before.

Hello Mooney Family!

Pop (Tom Farrell) said I should post something about what's going on in mine, my sister, and Mother's life.

I'm the oldest son of Kimberly Farrell (now Lester) and the eldest Grandchild of Tom and Nancy Farrell. After graduating Oakcrest High School in Mays Landing, NJ I travelled to North Jersey to attend Montclair State University. I spent 5 years as a Theatre Major/Communications Minor graduating in 2006. I concentrated in Directing, Dramatic Criticism, and Stage and Production Management. I am now an assistant for an E-Marketing company the provides services for arts and non-profit organizations in New York City and reside in Downtown Jersey City. In October I will be traveling to Houston, TX to start my training as a flight attendant for Continental Airlines. It's a very flexible job that will allow me to do Theatre in my down time as well as see the world .

Patti is currently a client services rep for the Borgata Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City. She has a 1 year old daughter Mackenzie who is a spitting image of her and her father. My Mother currently resides in Nampa, Idaho with her husband John doing restaurant management. She enjoys being a Grandmother and loves to brag about it.

Overall the family is doing very well. It's been a while since I've seen anyone and would like to reconnect with the Mooney side of the family. Hope everyone is doing well.

-Joe Foster
5th Generation Mooney
Hi Mooney/ Farrell Farrell Families

We will be married 46 years this November 25.2007. We have four wonderful children and three great sons in laws, Kim( John) Lester. Tom Jr.Karen ( David) Aldridge. Kathy ( Nicholas) Pedano, Six ( one on its way November ) wonderful GrandChildren , Joey/ Patti Foster.Emily/Sean Aldridge. Christopher/ Anna Pedano and one GreatGrandChild McKenzie Leyla Foster.Nancy is retired and enjoying the leasure life. I hope to do the same in 2008. I have been in the Casino industry for 29 years . I am a Casino Table Games Supervisor at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino, I still work at the White House Sub Shop ( 42 years) We live in a Adult Community and enjoy the settings around us, We cruise every year . The next one ( March 2008) will be the Panama Canal and planning Alaska Cruise (May/Sept 2009).Would like everyone to contribute to Family Tree (1/2 completed) ansd Family Directory (1/4 completed) We do need a Family Reunion

Tom & Nancy Farrell

Friday, August 10, 2007

Thanks, to Jackie & Paul

Hello Family,
I just wanted to give my thanks to Paul for suggesting this Blog and to Jackie for the family internet picture album. They are both great for the past memories and for the present to keep in touch. We have to let other family members know about both of them through phone calls or e-mails. Take care all and I will post again soon with some of my activities. Ray Farrell

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hi Eileen,We are Happy to here You are doing so well, Love to all,Les,Vicki,Chelsie.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm a believer

It's me, Eileen, a jersey girl. I'm little dank. Know where that came from? Am a granny with 10 grandchildren, and one adorable husband. Been retired for close to two years from Shoprite after 30 plus yrs. Am recuperating from bi-lateral knee replacement since 11-16-2006. Waiting to be able to dance the night away. Love to all.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


It seems if you have a google account already, you can post to this blog, at least that is what I hear. If you are having problems otherwise just send me your e-mail address and and can make sure you get an e-mail on how to sign-up. Send the e-mail to

It's great to have such a communication avenue open for the family, thanks again to Paul for the suggestion.

You can also make comments to any post by clicking on the comment link at the end of a post. This feature requires no sign-up, you can even comment anonymously.


What up family!

Paul's family update

I envivsoned this blog as a way for family members to keep each other up-to-date between reunions so I will begin.

Mary Beth and I are fine and she may be taking a new job in Philadelphia. If all goes well, we may sell our house and move into a smaller one soon. Her youngest son, Chris leaves in two weeks to attend the University of Michingan. Matthew is here but is thinking about returning to Vietnam where he worked for the last two years. Michael is planning on returning for his last year at the University of Miami in Januar.

My olderst son, Michael and his wife, Jodie are expecting their first child in November and he is presently planning to opening his own restaurant in April of 2000, likely in Portland, Maine- he lives in Kennebunkport Maine, not too far from the Bush summer residence thought that is not his fault.

Jeffrey,Lynn and the babies, Sean, 6 and Ering, 3 live here in Haddonfield and are doing well.

I will end now and I hope that other family members will use the blog.

Cousin Paul
Aunt Ann& Aunt Miriam,got togother at the rehab that Aunt Ann is recuperating at yesterday,this is the first time they have been togother in 3 years,they had a very loving reunion,it reminded me again what A great and Loving Family we come from,and in the World we live in today,how much we need each and everyone of us to stay togother,so I think this is a great format to stay in touch,(thanks Jack AND Paul for coming up with the energy to put it togother) Tommy Farrell tryed to start something a while back but it never got off the ground Tommy did A great job also,looks to me that a reunion should be forthcoming,what about the Sullivans as host this time,then mabey we all head to California,a show of hands would be nice,LOVE &PEACE TO ALL.Cousin,Les.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Welcome to the Mooney Family Blog

Cousin Paul Farrell suggested a Mooney Family Blog and I thought that was a great idea, so here is the first cut. I have never done a blog before so this is a learning process and totally experimental at this point. I'm hopeful that this can be a forum where all family members can post news and thoughts relevant to the family. I'm not sure at this point the details of accomplishing this, but I will keep everybody up-dated as I learn more.

Aunt Ann up-dates

From Peg Finegan:

Hi: Here is the latest update since my prior e-mail

Tests determined that Mom had a fracture in her hip. She did this w/o her knowledge - no fall, etc., just some discomfort. She has been dealing with osteoporosis for many, many, years and had other surgery hip and spine related during the past six years. She is in good hands at Paoli Hospital - likes her surgeon and was fit and feisty enough to complain about the surgery OR music - Oh! those Irish ladies - when they don't like something they really let it be known.

Park Lane At Bellingham - more info »
1615 E Boot Rd, West Chester, PA
(484) 653-4400

Hi - Above is the link for the location of Park Lane where Mother will do her rehab. She is being transferred there this afternoon. At this time I am not sure of how long she will stay. This is a rehab center in the same complex where she has her apartment so we are fortunate they offer such service. So far she sound very good.

Any questions do not hesitate to e-mail or call me.


Peg 717-350-4798 (cell)